Mainstays Disposable Grill Toppers


Often times I purchase products on impulse. Sometimes I am disappointed with my purchase, and other times I find items that I continue to buy on a regular basis. Such was the case with the Mainstays Disposable Grill Toppers that I found in the home and garden section of my local Walmart store. Walmart did sell a grill topper that was not disposable, but it had larger holes and I still felt foods such as shrimp and vegetables would still fall through. Mainstays Disposable Grill Toppers come in a pack of three and are made of aluminum mesh. They are rectangular in shape, measuring 12 inches by 15 1/4 inches.

The grills remind me of a small cookie sheet, with slightly raised edges around the perimeter to keep foods in place. The entire grill is covered with a grid consisting of small diamond shapes. These holes measure only 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch, so small foods such as vegetables and shrimp will not slip through as they would when barbecuing without the Mainstays Disposable Grill Topper. This would compete with a modern day panini press, such as an oster panini press.

These toppers are made from 100% recycled aluminum, and do a much better job than thick aluminum foil. When we are finished using them they can be scrubbed and reused, or they can be tossed. We make that decision based on how dirty they get during the grilling process. Living in Alaska, we have access to great tasting salmon. However, grilling salmon can be a mess. As it cooks the skin sticks to the grill and the fish starts to fall apart when it is turned. Inevitably some fish falls through to the flames below. When using the Mainstays Disposable Grill Toppers the skin sticks to the topper and it can be easily disposed of.

The instructions state not to leave the toppers on open flames, and not to place on the grill before or after grilling your food. You are instructed to remove the toppers from the grill immediately when your food is cooked. Caution should be used when removing these, because they obviously get very hot and you could burn your fingers or hands if you are not careful. Not only do these get hot, but I find the edges to be quite sharp as well.

Mainstays Disposable Grill Toppers are more expensive in the long run, the pack of three retailed for only $3.67. Since I can reuse them several times each, I feel these are a good value.