Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker

2 Aug 2017 Herman

I belong to a family where rice can be considered as one of the integral part of the dining table. One can find the verity of rice dishes from Chinese to continental in our lunch and dinner as well. We always wondered how the rice in the hotels and restaurants are perfectly cooked. We tried a number of ways and a number of machines to get the desired results, but unfortunately the results were not up to the expectations. Then one day I asked a friend of mine who is a chief chef in a hotel of international chain. He recommended me this zojirushi cooker and helped me out with some rice cooker instructions. I was reluctant to buy it as I already had spend much of my money on items that claims that they cook the rice perfectly, then with the guarantee of my friend I decided to take a shot.

The 1st thing we all noticed is the exquisite and sweet smell of the boiled rice which was missing in the previous machines. That thing fueled our excitement. We went a little further to check the texture of the rice, amazingly they were in the perfect condition, the texture of the rice was perfect, the condition of the rice was intact. That thing really amazed us, as we were not expecting this quality. Then we thought to give another shot with a different kind of rice, at 1st the rice were a little rough, but the problem was not with the zojirushi as the time adjustment we did was for white rice, then with the proper adjustment BINGO !!! … perfectly cooked without meshing the rice or without breaking them. This machine worked for us as our locality was at a place that is much higher than the MSL. So it was sometimes little difficult to cook on stove top as it takes a lot of time.

Another good experience that I had with zojirushi is that one day I invited my friends for the dinner, and I was very much worried if they will going to like the quality of the food or not ? will it be cooked properly ? And many other questions were popping up in my mind …. But thanks GOD and thanks to zojirushi it saved me, everyone liked the taste and most important of all while the rice and chicken was been cooked, I could enjoy the company of my friends as well.

Listing all the good stuff the zojirushi offers how one can forget the price. With the price hikes in the market the 1st thought that comes to mind is that it will lately burn the pockets, but with a very nominal price one can enjoy this luxury without getting the budget disturbed. I personally really liked this item and I am really thankful to zojirushi that I can enjoy the great taste at home as well, highly recommended and I would give this product five stars, as it is perfectly designed to cope with the fast paced life.

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